• Stop Overspending On Digital Marketing

    Current state of $100 billion digital marketing ROIs are on a steep decline with ever increasing costs. We say – stop the madness and join Madneto! With Madneto, you only pay less than 1% of what you have been paying for CPI/CPC campaigns

  • Energy in Synergy

    Benefits multiply when partners expand through each other’s customer base and engage them on another level. Collaborate with synergetic/non-competing partners to expand business to new markets and acquire new customers in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

  • Single View Across Multiple Channels

    Co-promote using different online channels such as emails, website, social media etc. View channels analytics and the campaign analytics in one single dashboard to analyse the efficacies and improvise.

  • Equalize Impressions

    Madneto merges all channels impressions into equivalent single impression currency to allow you to ensure that you get exactly the same number of impressions/credits as you have given to your partner.


  • Explore Brands for Partnerships

  • Express Interest for Cross Promotion

  • Collaborate on Assets

  • Analyse Success Metrics

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